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Europe. Ukraine. War. No one could ever imagine that these words would be actual in 2022. Imagine that someone would pursue geopolitical goals using weapons against peaceful cities. Against the whole country. Against the whole nation that has every right to life, freedom and independence. was initially created and operated from Belarus, which is now called the co-aggressor. But back in 2020, after these events, we decided to leave this country. So… is a Polish company is now owned and operated by a Polish company - Office Data Apps sp. z o.o. We live and work in Warsaw. However, we have some contractors who are still in Belarus. We know that they are safe now and are waiting for their relocation to other countries.

Our infrastructure is safe

We host all our projects on Amazon Web Services, in USA and Germany data centers.

Deployment is reliable

We deploy all our products via the Amazon content delivery network, some via Microsoft Azure.

Payment providers work flawlessly

2Checkout and Share-it, e-commerce services we work with, are European Union based companies, the former is in the Netherlands, and the latter is in Germany.

Technical support service is Zendesk

We use Zendesk, a ticket-based help desk built and supported by an international corporation with HQ in San-Francisco, CA.

Our internal communications are via Microsoft 365

Most of our working processes are Microsoft 365-based. We use Outlook, Teams, Planner, To-Do, OneDrive for all our internal communications.

Therefore, in our day-to-day operations, nothing has changed for any of our clients. All our products will work, will be developed and supported. Our support team will continue to respond to all your messages, the number of which, by the way, has increased in the last two weeks. The only change in our work is this - we no longer sell our products to customers from Russia and Belarus.

We would like to thank everyone who wrote to us with questions on this topic. And remember that we still need your support and feedback about our products. Thank you!

Ukraine under attack

Apparently, you have already read this many times, but I dare to repeat. Ukraine needs help right now. Let's do as much as we can:

Help Ukrainian refugees abroad
Donate to Save the Children
Donate to Red Cross
Donate to SOS Ukraina
Save lives in Ukraine

Thank you,
Eugene Starostin
CTO, Office Data Apps sp. z o.o.

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