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Find what users say about Ablebits.com add-ins

Are you considering buying any of our add-ins? Have any hesitations or doubts that you have chosen the right tool? Have a look at Ablebits reviews on this page - there is no marketing blurb here, just real stories from real people!

If you have already tried any of our tools, don't hesitate to send us your story.

Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel reviews

Ultimate Suite is a treasure chest of useful tools

Ultimate Suite is a treasure chest of useful tools. I bought the it for the "Merge Tables tool", and it is worth the purchase price just for that. The other features I use are too numerous to mention. Ablebits makes a breeze of many tasks that would take a LOT of time to do using just formulas. It has revolutionized my work flow. And customer service is excellent.

Mark Newbold,

It is a game changer!

I refuse to use Excel without Ablebits Ultimate Suite! It is a game changer! Compared to similar tools in the market, Ablebits is more user friendly and easier to understand than the others. And if you need help, their service support team is top notch and insanely fast to respond. You don't need to be an Excel geek to use this product, but you will feel like one if you do!

Eric F Carr,

It is like having an expert at my shoulder helping me…

I really feel that Ablebits has people like me in mind with your software development. It is like having an expert at my shoulder helping me work more effectively and efficiently. Now I have more time to goof off at work - none the wiser. Uh, that last statement is not really true - I will just have a lot less stress because things will go so much smoother.

Linda Shakespeare

Ablebits is a dream come true for any Excel user

Ablebits is a dream come true for any Excel user working with data. I have used AbleBits for many years and thanks to regular updates the product has become a fantastic, time saving tool that no Excel user dealing with large data can do without. Your support deserve a special mention as it is prompt and always available.

Ilse Assmann,

This add-in is really valuable for a very reasonable cost

Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel has been a time-saver and an excellent addition for my large data requirements. Rarely do I find a product that warrants spending on Excel, but this add-in is really valuable for a very reasonable cost. It installed like a charm, is intuitive, and I found customer service to be very responsive and helpful.

James Kennedy,

KUDOS to you guys for solving a problem that our IT department doesn't understand

After our IT department thought they know how the sales department should function and destroyed some data files. With the help of Able Bits I was able to regenerate my database in just a few short clicks. This was AWESOME. KUDOS to you guys for solving a problem that even our IT department doesn't understand. As a leader in the sales department I need my data to grow sales.

Erik Peterson,

I love the program, and I can't imagine using Excel without it!

Thank you for your commitment to Ultimate Suite. I love the program, and I can't imagine using Excel without it! Ultimate Suite saves me many hours of effort with the projects I manage within Excel. The program paid for itself the first day I used it. You and your team have created a really great set of tools for use within Microsoft Excel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Robert Madsen,

AbleBits suite has really helped me when I was in a crunch!

Having AbleBits suite has really helped me when I was in a crunch! It was intuitive and really saved me time on my job! Now that the crunch is over, I'm finding there are other capabilities in the suite that I was not really aware of initially, (I originally only needed the easy merge capability). And those other features will / are valuable time savers as well. Thanks for the product!

Nelda Fink,

We couldn't imagine being without this tool!

Managing and working with data has never been easier once we began utilizing Ablebits! The tool eliminates the need to learn complex excel formulas and provides straightforward tools to significantly increase our efficiency. What used to take a day now takes one hour. It's easy to use and the support the Ablebits team provides is high quality. We couldn't imagine being without this tool!

Pat Rorabeck,

We discovered a gold mine!

When we discovered Ablebits 10 years ago, we discovered a gold mine! It provides a simple, straightforward way to work with multiple spreadsheets and excel files without having to figure out formulas. When something happens in our system and we "lose" Ablebits, my staff nearly panics until we can get it back up and running. We consider this an essential tool in performing many, many tasks in our jobs.

Rebecca D. Becker,

We would not want to be without this tool, it is amazing!

Our organization has been using Ablebits for several years. The program is amazing saving individuals hours of work. It allows for several different data points to easily be combined for data evaluation. We would not want to be without this tool, it is amazing!

Tena Moiles,

I've been using this tool for Excel and it's wonderful.

I've been using this tool for Excel and it's wonderful. There are so many time saving commands that you'll be happy you no longer have to do it the old way. The customer support is quick and very helpful. It's definitely worth the upgrade!

Brett Slusher,

The free trial got me hooked and now I am a believer in Ablebits.

This is the Excel add in that I have been looking for. I have 5 Excel files that store similar information and each is out of synch with the other. I am able to combine into one master file and delete the others with confidence. I highly recommend this.

Thanks for the great product!

I got a new PC and had to live without Ablebits for just a couple of days while I tried to find my license key and I truly felt lost. Thanks for the great product!

Donna Brown,

I had a very complex array of data that…

I had a very complex array of data that was copied from a website for one of my clients and it was pasted into an Excel spreadsheet which presented the data in a very complex and unusual format. I asked the Ablebits support team if they could recommend what features in their Excel app that they would recommend for me to manipulate the data into a workable, presentable format. They asked me to send examples of the data, which I did, and within a day Ekaterina and her team sent back a video of how my data could be manipulated using various of their tools to combine the data, sort the data differently, and extrapolated into a workable fashion. The video showed it all and I was able to follow their example and finish my project successfully. I couldn't have done it without their expertise and knowledge of a very useful and complex product. I am so glad I bought their add-on and would recommend it to anyone who feels they need to get more out of Excel or be a successful power user!! Very satisfied user…

Ablebits - excellent support

Had a query - that they responded to within 1 day and resolved rapidly. The tool is powerful, and so versatile - there is often something that you think you need that they have done, which has saved me endless time to manually process the data. Well worth buying a license for.

Philip Z.,

The best Excel add-ins

Honestly, The best website for Excel add-ons. Highly recommended, it will save you time and money.

This is something you simply MUST HAVE!

I am using this Ultimate Suite for Excel even if I am very experienced with native Excel Power Query. This is something you simply MUST HAVE! Thank you for this amazing tool.

Ondrej Soukup,

This product saves us a great deal of time

My company has been using Ablebits for a few years now and we are very happy with it. This product saves us a great deal of time when working with spreadsheets since it provides preset formatting and data manipulation tools so that I do not have to set up formulas all the time. In addition to getting the functionality we need to quickly manage or clean up data, their customer service is exceptional. Any time I have had questions or needed technical assistance, I always receive prompt, courteous, and accurate information.

Elizabeth C.,

It saves me a tremendous amount of time.

Being a Data Analyst and Business Owner, I work on Excel 95% of the day. The Ablebits Ultimate Suite functionality makes data analysis and spreadsheet functionality so much easier. It saves me a tremendous amount of time.

Dina Holtzhausen,

Makes my life that bit simpler in the world of Excel

Makes my life that bit simpler in the world of Excel. Their Support team are second to none and they are always on hand to help out if you are attempting to do something a little more complicated.

Jason Marks,

No AI Data Miner should be without an AbleBits add-in in their data toolkit!

I find the true usefulness of the AbleBits add-in for me is not so much for data cleaning tasks, but more for research-based tasks that wouldn't be started, as they either take too long, or it is difficult justifying the thinking time to work out a way forward with Excel. There have been occasions when I have been stuck with a transposition task set up, and found the AbleBits team very happy to help me find a solution. No AI Data Miner should be without an AbleBits add-in in their data toolkit!

Chris Clark,

The best product out there!!

I have been using this tool for almost 2 years now and it's the best product out there!! I wouldn't be able to do my work without it. In addition to a great product, customer service is awesome. They are quick with a response and a solution. I recommend anyone using excel to purchase this product!

Kenny Abruzese,

ABLEBITS problem solved, time saver, life changer

Since we've been using ABLEBITS, our load of work has never been lighter and easier to manage. The support team is very helpful and quick to respond. I would recommend this program to all companies that use data tables. Kind regards, Stephen

Stephen Nehemia,

Great Product - even better service

The Ablebits Excel addin is a real time saver. If you are doing anything complex with data sets in Excel and want to do things like de-dupe, check and cross-reference, this is a game changer. Well worth the money. Above that, the service is really excellent. Send an email and you get a reply pretty much within the hour. Very impressed and can't recommend enough.

Alan Perestrello,

Its a lifesaver!

I have been using the ultimate suite for a few years and its a lifesaver!! I use it all the time to merge sheets and it saves me so much time! The support is also excellent. They are in a different time zone than I am (I am EST) but I always hear back in less than 24 hours. The price is reasonable and the product is good. I highly reccomend it!

Lauri Pantos,

I would be lost without it

I use Ablebits add on for excel several times per day and would be lost without it. For us it is especially useful for highlighting duplicates, removing duplicates, comparing tables, comparing sheets, deleting blank cells. It does much more than that, but these are the most popular uses here. It is well worth installing. Thanks!

Marc Lajoie,

Ablebits has saved me countless hours!

Ablebits has saved me countless hours! Every time I confront a repetitive task in Excel, I look to my Ablebits tool bar for a solution. I almost always find that the geniuses at Ablebits have developed a seamlessly integrated Excel solution. I'm still discovering powerful tools in this awesome collection of widgets.

PJ Kuyper, President, Platino Educa USA,

Magical "customer service"

I needed this brilliant software to be installed on a corporate laptop, unfortunately the latest version was not available to be pushed so I got an older version. In the meantime, the purchasing department gave me a key for the latest version! Rightly so, the key did not work, but here is where the real difference began, that magical "customer service".

A box popped up telling me there was an "Incorrect license key" issue – and automatically sent an email to support (it automatically collected the right info), no need to write screeds of notes or add pictures etc… I then got an email from Darya Markelova within the hour – on a Friday! (Unheard of) telling me I was using the latest key on old software. I explained my dilemma – the company would need time to repackage the latest version and forward it to me. Darya Markelova went to the trouble of downgrading my key till I got the latest version. Big thank you Darya and team.

I love the software, it reduces all my tasks dramatically, put the effort in to learn and understand the capabilities and you will be rewarded.


The data tools save HOURS and HOURS of work!!!

I have been using AbleBits for years and the data tools save HOURS and HOURS of work!!! Easy, fast and always works.

Larry Wieskopf,

Very powerful instrument

Very powerful instrument, I thought so but the reality surprised me even more. Used it for a real problem where I had to transform a file from vertical to horizontal data but only some . Not being familiar with the tool yet, I shyly asked the Support Team at Ablebits for help and received not only help but human warmth as if we were long-time colleagues. They solved my problem excellently and with customised videos they showed me how. I am delighted with this product and the kindness of the 'friends' now in the Support Team. I will be giving a licence to my son James, who works in IT, for the holidays. I recommend this tool to everyone who works in Excel . Thanks for everything!

I'm so happy I found it

The number of useful Excel tools that are packed into this application are incredible! It has functions that I never dreamed existed, and I'm so happy I found it because I could use many of them to make my work easier. In addition, one of the best things I found with this application is the customer support, and especially, Ekaterina Pechyonkina. She was extremely prompt getting back to me, and helped me with installing the application. I recommend this application to everyone!

Ira Wechter,

Easy to navigate and efficient!

I have been a customer for 5 years and using this Ultimate Suite for Excel made my work easy, especially when putting multiple worksheets on one sheet. When it comes to efficiency, this is it which made my job productive and accurate. It's easy to navigate between workbooks.


Love the product

Love the product and love the quick responses I've gotten when I needed support. You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Steph W.,

Always well within 24 hours

Besides the fact that this is impressive software that just works as you’d expect it to work (no overpromising and underdelivering), what’s even more impressive is the support that has Ablebits has given me over the years. I’ve very seldom had to call on support (usually trivial admin matters) but when I have, their responses have been comprehensive and always well within 24 hours. Well done Ablebits!

Leon Cronjé,

I can't imagine not having the Ultimate Suite installed

I initially bought the Excel add-on for one single function that I needed at the time 10 years ago, but soon realized the capabilities of the tool. I didn't hesitate to upgrade when the Ultimate Suite became available and have renewed my licenses every time a newer version is released to keep pace with Microsoft's Excel version changes. I can't imagine not having the Ultimate Suite installed and admittedly I probably only use 50% of the available functions, but they save me so much time and frustration. I recommend to anyone that is willing to listen and have several close friends and associates that depend on it as much as I do to analyze, manage and manipulate Excel data sets.

Juan Ramos,

An easy to use tool to fill in the gaps…

An easy to use tool to fill in the gaps of what Excel can offer. Makes beginner/intermediate users into experts!

Indispensable business tool

In our business of managing payments and different payment types for hundreds of clients; we could not compile the reconciliation reports without Ablebits. It makes our accounting office so much more efficient. From time to time we have questions and their support team is quick and acurate evertime.

Miles Busby,

A life and time saving tool with great customer service!

A life and time saving tool with great customer service! I have used Ablebits for quite a few years and have been truly blessed by it. I take it with me with every new computer refresh I go through, and customer service is always able to provide me with any assistance that I need, hassle free. A product could be good, but when they have great customer service, they are deserving of a five star.

Good tool and support

My ablebits add on works well. Also their tech support is good.

Leon Slack III,

Ablebits, is a great "coworker"!

I discovered Ablebits by chance. I was looking for formulas to work in excel, to merge two columns according to certain criteria, and always for the same project, but for a different request to have to move duplicate values present on a new document. Ablebits does the two things perfectly, plus I am using the merge and matching functions, which I only discovered later. What can I say, there are really a lot of pre-set functions and they all do a really good job. This application is saving me hours of searching for formulas and examples that would not do the job as well as Ablebits does.

Easy to install, easy to use, really intuitive. Super affordable price. Happy? yes. Would I recommend it? yes.

Can't go without it

I have been using AbleBits since probably 2008. First with their free version and then I purchased their paid version a few years ago. I just upgraded again. The program makes it so much easier to trim spaces and perform other tasks in Excel. I'd say I probably use their Excel add-in at least weekly if not daily. I recommend them for your Excel needs.

Great software for all levels

Really easy to use. I don't think I could do most of my spreadsheet work without it these days. Even the IT illiterate in the office can use it - Brilliant bit of kit ;)

Gemma Bannister,

SUBSTRING TOOL is very useful

I mainly use Word to write a book and I am not a professional user of Excel. But I use your software mainly to search a database I have that includes a table with about 24,000 lines of text. I really like the ability to export the search results to a file at the click of a button. In the past I also used the Substring tool and it was very useful to change a large amount of text.

Yacov Damary,

Merge Table Wizard is a lifesaver

I use this tool a few times per year and it is totally worth the cost. It saves so much time when trying to merge tables. Thank you.

Patti Stroh,

Everything at glance

I have extensively used Ablebits Ultimate Excel suite for a few years. Would not go back to manual formulas! Everything at glance

Daniel Ivanisevic,

Great customer service

Great customer service! Great product!

Excellent tool, worth the price!

I've been a user of this amazing software from 2014! Recently I upgraded my system and upgraded the product to function with the latest Office 2021. Ablebits offered me 50% discount(on the standard price) for the upgrading. It's worth the price for the time I could save with this fantastic tool. Although I am a licensed user of a program that competes with Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel, I have found that it slows down the loading time of Excel and occasionally generates error messages. I propose Ablebits to everyone working with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis to save time and effort. It's worth the price.

Ultimate Suite for Excel has changed my life

I'm a CPA who exclusively works on 401(k) audits. One of the reports we get is an excel file of every paycheck for every employee for the entire year, but a lot of times we get multiple files for one client. If for nothing else (and there are a ZILLION things this does), the Ultimate Suite for Excel add-in has changed my life with the Combine Sheets button. You pick what files/tabs you want to combine, it shows you all the column headers that are going to be aggregated, and then in about 30 seconds or less, you have one file. Everyone thinks I'm a rockstar in Excel….. I just use Ablebits!

Jen Moore,

Great product and support

I need to compare lots of data and this program helps me tremendously. The help desk is great. I recently purchased a new machine and was having problems and they knew exactly what to do to get me up and running.

Abelbits is a very useful program

Abelbits is a very useful program. I use it constantly for the state function,Pivot table, transposing key columns, compare, consolidating spreadsheets, and duplicate remover. Customer support is very friendly and responds quickly especially when needing to do a new installation of a PC or upgrading. I highly recommend this product.

I highly recommend the Ablebits Ultimate Suite

I'm a business coach and number crunching is not something I do a lot. Therefore there must be a lot more value in Ablebits suite than I will ever use. I find that the tools I wish were in Excel are all in the Suite and the level of support by the Ablebits team has been very quick, thorough and complete. I highly recommend the Ablebits Ultimate Suite.

Adam Pressman,

This is an excellent add in. Installation is easy

This is an excellent add in. Installation is easy. All of the functions are very easy to use. Customer Support is very helpful with moving to a new device or getting upgrades.

James Amsterdam,

Would recommend it to anyone who works with Excel

We have been using the Ultimate Suite for a year and really appreciate the time it has saved us in getting our lists ready for our updates. I could not believe how fast AbleBits got back to us. They are very fast to help you with a problem and showing you how to take care of it. They are very knowledgeable with their product. I would recommend them to anyone who works with Excel a lot.

Judy Groom,

Ablebits – try it and you will never go back.

The one really negative aspect of the Ablebits products is that you will completely forget how to do VLookups and the other hyper-sensitive, formulaic and frustrating Excel functions that cause you so much frustration now. That may cause some uncomfortable moments when you are working on someone else's machine that lacks the brilliance of Ablebits and you have to revert to the arcane methods of Excel. It will only help you to appreciate your purchase of Ablebits that much more when you return!

Whether it is combining multiple Sheets, eliminating duplicates on one or more sheets, comparing data, trimming, splitting, summing by color, all are made simpler and less likely to require multiple efforts with Ablebits. The program does not care about formatting, which is one of the key frustrations when working with spreadsheets you have received from other sources. I have been using it since 2016. While you don't HAVE to purchase new software every couple of years to keep up with later Excel versions, as the older Ablebits versions generally work with newer Excel versions. Regardless, there are always upgrades, but Ablebits generally gives repeat customers a "deal" to upgrade. I won't ever go back!

Save hours of your life

This product very literally saves me HOURS in time compiling or updating information from several Excel sheets or files into one using just one matching column, and cleaning into a usable endproduct. There are so many features that simplify otherwise timeconsuming and tedious tasks that it makes working without the Add-In seem impossible. Highly recommended!

Pennelope (Penney) Blakely Kunkle,

Fantastic Excel add-in!

A fantastic add-in that allows for so many of the little items that you've thought to yourself "there should be a way to…"

This saves us HOURS, literally, in time on our large datasets, combining data, preparing and updating for analysis. The "change case" feature is so great for our use with names for combination with MailMerge in Word. Extract or remove characters from a column based on the character itself, the location of characters, the number of characters. Remove duplicates WHILE saving initial occurrence. And a randomize feature to create random IDs or select random cells in the list.

Huge fan, highly recommend.

I have been using Ablebits now for a few months on both Google Sheets as well as Excel and it has streamlined my workflow dramatically - love it, can't recommend it enough.

Key component for data analysis

Ablebits is the cornerstone to data analysis in a school district. It helps us create spreadsheets that house data for more than 3,500 students and includes functionality that is continually evolving to enhance its capabilities. I recently needed to contact customer support and had an outstanding experience with their team. I could not do my job without this phenomenal tool!

Ablebits - Adds to Productivity & Output!

We have been using Ablebits for several years. It enhances our ability to work with excel and relay information to our employees and clients. The Client Service team - is GREAT!

Fred Schwartzberg, Odeon Capital Group,

Ablebits makes magic

Ablebits is the "magic" that I use each week to help me accomplish nearly all of the tasks for which I am assigned. In a few simple clicks of a trackpad, I can create spreadsheets that help us review our impact and identify ways to continue to improve. The process is so easy and customer support has been critical; helping me make the most of this incredible tool!

Tracey Miller,

The best add on since slice bread

The amount of time this addon has saved me is just remarkable. I no longer stressed about running reports as I know that I can count on ablebits to save the day.

Jaime Perez,

Ablebits is essential to our business

My company, DROP Advisory Council, provides retirement educational workshops throughout Florida and other states. When we get a new Excel list from a state, we immediately run it through Ablebits to clean it up so it can upload it through our marketing database without a problem. Ablebits is outstanding software that essential to our business. I purchased the Ultimate Suite 2022. I had the 2018 version and have been very happy with the software and excellent customer support.

Ablebits is a fantastic tool!

The support quickly identified the source of the issues I was having and were very helpful if correcting them. Ablebits is a fantastic tool for streamlining projects and saving time!

Kamerin Blasingame,

I can accomplish so many tasks with this tool

I've been using the suite for about a year and can accomplish so many tasks that were not imaginable before. And the support from Ablebits is fast and efficient.

Franco Rinaudo,

If you value your time

This program has saved me massive amounts of time! I used to spend all day Googling how to perform certain functions to speed up my production rate, only to end up in a Google blackhole. Ablebits is simple to use and has a great library of tutorials on how to use their features. Customer support is out of this world. I wanted to learn how to perform a unique function and Katerina recorded a tutorial for me! Highly recommended!

The add-in saves me hours…

The add-in saves me hours and that combined with responsive support and lots of free tips, gives Ablebits a permanent place in my Excel ribbon.

Jonathan S, UK,

Anyone who frequently works with messy…

Anyone who frequently works with messy Excel data that requires cleaning, formatting, and modification should consider purchasing Ablebits Suite, in my opinion.

I first bought Ablebits in 2019 for Excel 2016, and I recently bought the most recent version to install it on Excel 365. I am really delighted with the different functions, notably the Unpivot, Duplicate Remover, and Various Formatting and Clean Up functions and use it on a daily basis. It is very simple to use and a fantastic time saver.

Real must-have for anyone who uses Excel

I recommend this product very highly, as a busy data analyst I spend a lot of time processing and cleaning up data and the ablebits add-in makes this so much easier and quicker. It’s a real must-have for anyone who spends any time using Excel. It does all the heavy lifting allowing you to spend your time more strategically, enabling you to impress colleagues and management. Also the customer service is excellent, any queries are resolved quickly and staff are always helpful and friendly. I would not be without this software now and highly recommend it.

Sue Armstrong,

Saves me a considerable amount of time.

I am a Lead Data Manager for a Environmental Engineering firm and Ablebits.com for MS Excel saves me a considerable amount of time. I would be lost without it.


I have been using this program since 2014, without any kind of problem, I have reinstalled it a couple of times without problems or with the help of customer support, I recently updated it to the latest version.

Awesome product!!

Ablebits is a lifesaver. I can do sooo much more with Excel when I use the Abelebits tools. It makes complicated processes very easy with a click of a button. Ablebits makes me look like a genius with Excel.

Susie Michels,

I have found the Ablebits app and website to be extremely useful

My work requires that I write financial reports exceeding 200 pages based on analyses done in Excel. I have found the Ablebits app and website to be extremely useful. Some specific tools I have found useful are the "find broken links," select by color," visualize, "formula translator" (beta version), "spell number," and, best of all, the most reliable workbook manager I've ever used.

James F Joyner III,

Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel is invaluable if you work with spreadsheets

Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel is well worth the money. This add on has saved me countless hours of work with just a couple of the features. I have to take client lists which are often not in the format I need and make them fit into the format we use. This is invaluable for merging spreadsheets with duplicate values, as well as merging multiple cells into useable data. You will not regret this purchase.

Extremely useful add-in with extensive functionality

I purchased and installed Ablebits for Excel. I have found it to be extremely useful in supplementing the capabilities of Excel – the functionality is very extensive. More importantly, I have found the support from Ablebits to be invaluable – patient and thorough. I definitely recommend Ablebits if you want to push the limits of your use of Excel.

Doug Walters,

I'm using ablebits Ultimate Suite for personal and some business works.

I'm using ablebits Ultimate Suite for MS Excel Personal use, and without using this, my daily job with excel will be very hard. So far this is like an army swiss knife that converts the hard legacy learning with the excel process in a few clicks to better results.

The best add-in for anyone

The Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel is without question the best add-in for anyone using spread sheets! Great tech support, no glitches, works fantastically well - and it really is useful. Lots of features that should be built-in to the platform and aren't. I've used it for years with terrific results. Thanks!

Jeff Garris,

Responsive support team

I am one of the admins who packages applications for deployment for my agency. In building it I had to test and install on several PC's. When I went to install it on the end user's PC it had a "disabled license key" error, caused by my testing. Their support was able to getting me back working in little more then one hour. That quick response was greatly appreciated and my end user is back to work. Thank you Darya Markelova (AbleBits support team)

Roger Divan,

Everyday assistant

I have been using their service for a while. I use it every day, and it has made my life easier. I love how easy it's to use, and their customer service is excellent!! Highly recommended. You will not regret it. The price is fantastic and comes with lots of tools.

Ian Pavlovic,

It is worth far more than the small cost.

Before I started using the Ultimate Suite for Excel I would spend hours trying to figure out how to cross-reference data from multiple worksheets. Using the compare two tables feature has saved me uncountable hours of time. Imagine this scenario for a second. You have 2500 laptops floating around. You have several management systems (e.g, SCCM McAfee ePO, Absolute, BigFix, Jamf). You want to find out which laptops are missing from some of them. How would you do it without Ultimate Suite? Sure, it is doable, but it will take lots and lots of hours. With Ultimate Suite and their compare tables function, it can be done in less than 30 minutes easy. Just that one use is worth far more than the small cost. I started out using it for my personal use and since then have purchased an additional 10 licenses for others in the company to use

Nick DeBarmore,

I love this product

I love this product. I am even more impressed by the customer service. I had to reboot my computer and was having trouble getting the add-in up and running and with one email, the support team was more than helpful and all is good. I highly recommend this product.

Ablebits is a wonder of a product within Excel

Ablebits is a wonder of a product within Excel to help merge spreadsheets and much more. I used to use VLOOKUP to gather data but with Ablebits I'm able to quickly merge sheets and get data quicker!

Danna DeSimone,

Excellent customer service and great products

Ablebits' Excel Ultimate Suite is a fantastic tool that I have used week in week out for years. Worth every penny. Their customer service is fast, friendly and really helpful. One of my favourite software companies.

Good Companies have outstanding people

Since I purchase this Excel Addin my work is done faster and clean, the Support is unique responds almost inmediately to your questions. Quite frankly test other and the easy to use of this addin is far away to others. I highly recommend the app and mainly their people. Good Companies have outstanding people. Congrats !!!!

Eduardo Padron,

No work without Merge Tables

I could not complete my responsibilities without the merge table feature.

Mindy Baum,

From a User for Several Years… Get it!

Being a user for 8+ years, this program has been time saving and is simple to install and use. Built right for everyone using excel to manage datasets. Get you some! You will be happy with it. Tip… empty cells in the first column will bunk the process.

Debbie M,

I've been an Ablebits customer for over… 10 years

I've been an Ablebits customer for over 10 years. This is one of the most useful pieces of software I've ever used. It seems to provide everything I need. In the beginning it was overwhelming how much it did. The Tech Support is also top-notch. I just renewed my support agreement again.

Literally Life Changing!

Anyone who manages large tables, databases, datasets, etc, in Excel will find immediate solutions to data related tasks that you can't write a formula for. This plugin paid for itself in 2 minutes saving me from 2 days of manual data entry! Life changing!

Russell Crafts,

The product saves a lot of time, and the service is great!

I've used this product for many years - it saves a lot of time, and the service is great! The suite offers many tools that will save you a lot of time. It is feature rich, bug free, and customer service is professional and quick. Don't hesitate to buy this product.

Karen Masterson,

This is such a cool tool! Super handy! Thanks!

I have had this product since 2016 and guessing a few years before that. I have since used the duplicate tool, without exaggeration, almost daily in my digital and accounting forensic work. When I finally had some downtime, I found that their instant table of contents button was invaluable and can say, without question, I add a TOC to every analytical spreadsheet we generate for our litigation cases. I know there is so much more I haven’t used but one additional tool they have is the "combine worksheets". This, by far and away, has been the biggest time saver of all. We often get monthly bank transaction downloads (or similar) in one Excel file with each month in a separate worksheet, sometimes for 10+ years of statements. That’s 120 worksheets that need to be copied and pasted into one worksheet. With the "combine worksheets" function, it is literally a 30 second task.

I welcome you to view our company’s website (mwbpc.com) to see that we are in no way affiliated with Ablebits other than a completely satisfied customer! If you go to the "About Us" page, you will see my younger, skinnier self at the bottom left of that page.

Ablebits Ultimate suite for Excel

I have been using the Ultimate Suite for Excel for a few years. I am very impressed with the various functions, and use it on a daily basis. It has shortened the time to complete complex tasks from hours to minutes, and assisted with making tedious tasks as easy as click and go. I had the first problem with a function in Ablebits on one of my computers recently. I mailed the issue to Ablebits. Within an hour I received feedback, and the problem was solved with a new build within half a day. The Ablebits team are exceptional and very supportive.

Big fan of the tools

I am a big fan of the tools you offer, they have been super helpful throughout my career as an accountant in the corporate world. Thank you for all that you do!

Joel Villar,

I got my time and sanity back immediately!

Ablebits has given me my time, and sanity back. The tools they provide in the Excel add-on have been a game changer for this Excel nerd. I can quickly take large amounts of raw data and create reports that make sense, look nice, and are 100% accurate. If you want a no-nonsense tool to get you where you need to be, look no further. My colleagues and clients constantly praise how quickly I can get them what they need. The time savings in the first week alone more than covered the cost of Ablebits.

It saved me a lot of time & energy!


Ablebits is a lifesaver! Ablebits has enabled me to do things in my job that I would not be able to do otherwise. I use Ablebits on a daily basis to seamlessly manipulate my excel data to answer the intricate requests of administration. I would not be able to do my job without Ablebits.

Best tool for your business

I've been using Ablebits for a while now, and it's been one of the best minor investments I've made for my company. It's a simple to use and will save you a lot of time if you frequently work with Excel spreadsheets. A hundred percent of the time, I'll recommend it.

I would recommend Ablebits Suite to anyone anlayzing data

I would recommend Ablebits Suite to anyone. I have been using Excel duplicate remover since 2016, and the merging features. It is so easy to use, and a great time saver if you use Excel data. My colleagues are amazed when they see the add-on analyzing Excel data

I am using Ablebits for the last 8 years

I am using Ablebits for the last 8 years in different companies and this is a fabulous product to do my daily routine work on MS Excel. I will highly recommend Ablebits for all Excel users.

Exceptional product and service

Exceptional Product and Service: I have used Ablebits for several years, solving incredibly difficult problems in Excel, problems well beyond my coding and formula development skills, and each time, Ablebits provided an easy-to-use solution. And, when I needed help, response time was practically instantaneous, not an AI chatbot, but a real person who solves real problems.

Michael Toney,

I couldn't live without it.

Ablebits is an amazing time saver: I can't begin to say how much time Ablebits saves me every day. I couldn't live without it.

Rik Hawkins,

Thank you for putting out such an excellent product

Hello, I wanted to say thank you for putting out such an excellent product. For years, whenever I have a question on a formula, whether Excel or Sheets, I can find the best and most thorough answers on your website. My primary spreadsheet is Excel 365, and since subscribing to the Ultimate Suite for Excel a year ago I have sped up a lot of my analysis time. I know I still do not use the suite to the fullest potential, but little by little I learn a new task to make things easier. Please do not stop your continued effort to add and update the suite. Again, thank you!

Paul Amirto,

Excellent product and support!

Being a user of the "Ultimate Suite" since 2016 and processing 100'000s of datasets, I am utmost convinced of the product. And what is also excellent: is the support. Every question asked was answered very quickly and competently. You provided a free upgrade unasked - stunning! Thank you, Ablebits team, for your excellent product and support!

Daniel Klaus,

Very complicated task can be done so easily in no time.

This ablebit add-in has reduced my efforts to write python scripts or to find tools to handle my data in linux or in R. A large set of data was very easily and correctly handled by using this add-in in excel. Very complicated task can be done so easily in no time. Even I truly appreciate the support team in solving my query so quickly. Thanks for making this tool.


It is a productivity multiplier!

Since first installing Ablebits Ultimate Personal over 18 months ago, I have learned a whole new level of data management. It is a potent tool that's very easy to learn and use. It is a productivity multiplier!! Likewise, the Ablebits Support Team is highly professional, rapid responders, and helpful, a rare treat these days!

Jess Fowler,

The best quality and the best feature set - all in one place.

I have been using Ablebits for a number of years now. I have tried various other products but, without question, Ablebits is THE best. The best quality and the best feature set - all in one place. I am also simply amazed with Ablebits support - you folks are beyond awesome. While I have never had an issue with the software, I had a scenario where the license allows for 2 computers. I am an avid flight sim enthusiast and my flight sim 'rig' consists of 3 computers. I contacted Ablebits support to enquire about getting a 'third' license - a bit of a longshot, or so I thought. They were surprisingly accommodating. Not only did they grant me the third license, for a very reasonable price, they also offered me a fantastic deal on an upgrade of my entire Ultimate Suite - certainly an offer I literally could not refuse. Now I am fully covered and up to date. Thank you so much Ablebits, truly THE best. Customer for life…

Lawrence Legge,

If that's not good service, I don't know what is

Who wants to learn VBA? I know I didn't when I was forced to learn it. Then came Ablebits, and let me tell you, I can never go back. Imagine someone giving you a flip phone now, in 2022. That's what it's like living without Ablebits. I had an issue where it was crashing in excel, and I was distraught. "Oh no! Do I have to dig through MS forums to figure it out?" Negative, after reinstalling and sending my feedback, I was greeted with an email and an updated Ultimate key for the latest release, before I even made it that far in my troubleshooting. If that's not good service, I don't know what is. Can you guys just run all of our other vendors?

Jason Velez,

My "Excel life" changed a lot… for the better!

I believe it was around 2007-2008 when I discovered Ablebits and its table merge add-on. Since then, my "Excel life" changed a lot… for the better! I use it alongside other tools in the Ultimate Suite on a regular basis and have licensed it for people in my BD team. It is an invaluable tool!"

Marco Antonio Gonçalves,

I can’t imagine working without it

I have been using AbleBits for quite some time now, and I can’t imagine working without it. It saves a lot of time, it offers really practical features, the support team is always there and solves whatever issue you have super quickly. I highly recommend it.

Anca Cojocaru,

Patience, professionalism and courtesy was excellent.

Although I wasn't able to provide much information for them, Ekaterina Pechyonkina's patience, professionalism and courtesy was excellent. She was able to assist me in getting me set back up with Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel.

Louise Lewis,

The best one could have

I am an old user of Ablebits and trust me it is the best program I have ever come across. I deal with large datas and this software has literally made my life easy. I am now buying it for my personal use too.

I am impressed and grateful

I am impressed and grateful for how quickly I receive a response to any request for help I make.

Thomas Towle,

It Follows Me Wherever I Excel

I've been using Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel for about three years now. It's been such an indispensable tool when it comes to working in Excel, I'm so glad I found it. I use the tool's functions daily, and I can't imagine life in Excel without it. I came across the add-in in my Google searches for how to accomplish specific Excel tasks. I found that the company has tons of helpful articles and Excel guides where they show you how to perform tasks without and with their tool. I highly recommend it!

Highly recommend it!

Great product, many useful and handy features and tools that undoubtedly upgrade and improve the Excel utility and experience. Highly recommend it!


I love the service you are providing and love the customer support

WOW! I love the service you are providing and love the customer support that even on Sunday replied at immediate with fruitful solution which I highly appreciate it. Really you people are very flexible.

Shukrullah NIAZI,

Love this software!

Love this software! As someone who isn’t from a technical background this helps me analyze and groom data for my organizational needs.

Carlos Gato,

I am new to Ablebits

I am new to Ablebits. From what I have seen so far, the product is great! Can wait to jump in an us this new tool!

Ablebits has given me absolute superior service!

Customer service has vanished from a lot of companies & products. Ablebits has given me absolute superior service! I recall seeing that we could stay up to date with the latest version. When I went to download the latest 2022 package, I was unsuccessful in getting it permanently. I thought, oh well, I have the latest 2021 version which is what I paid for. The next morning, there was an email response from customer support, giving me the download link and license key to the latest 2022 version. Smooth & effortless. The way customer service should be!


It is amazing how AbleBits simplifies the use of Microsoft Excel in my daily work activities.

It is amazing how AbleBits simplifies the use of Microsoft Excel in my daily work activities. This improved my analysis of parts sales history, forecast and inventory. The more riveting aspect of AbleBits is the readily available assistance for support and help. Thank you, Team AbleBits.

Christopher Abor,

Finally a light at the end of the tunnel

Been spending so long trying to get this to work using python, excel, bedtools… finally a light at the end of the tunnel, thank you so much, this is extremely useful for genomic work.


It made my work experience much more enjoyable

Ablebits made me a master on Excel. I can do complex task in the wink of an eye. It made my work experience much more enjoyable. I would recommend Ablebits to anybody.

Retha Buys,

You are fantastic!

You are fantastic! I hope to need your software soon and will purchase it when that time comes. Thanks!

Steve Fleming,

Well worth the price of admission

Well worth the price of admission. If you're doubting it, try it out. Even uninstalling is a breeze. I got this recommended from a co-worker for helping clean up duplicate data and manage complex editing. Went for the free trial, and was blown away. Better still, I had some trouble reinstalling things when my system got wiped. Support was on top of the issue fast and had me going again in a hurry. Incredible stuff.


Worth Selection for Non Technology Oriented Person

I start using Ablebits from May 2020 at the start of corona. Our institute conducted various programs on using Excel effectively using various Add-on's. Where they have recommended 2 or 3 addons and i have tried all three and selected this one, which turns to be good selection. The response to query is excellent which makes us much more comfortable in adopting the add-on. We will be much more happy if you add more utilities which found in other utility found missing in Able-bits.

Ablebits saves me time in the mundane

Ablebits saves me time in the mundane, which allows me more time to do the hard analysis. Excellent product!

Alex Smyth,

The best tools. Exactly what I needed

Ablebits Excel tools were exactly what I needed. We even recently updated to the newest version. Before finding Ablebits, I would have to spend two to three hours comparing two different workbooks each month. Not to mention the time I would have to spend combining cells with multiple lines of text. Ablebits has saved me time effort and I'm very grateful.

The Best Excel Add-In ever…

I have been using Ablebits for over four years now. I have tried other add-ins for Excel, both free and bought. None of them come close to the quality of features let alone the technical support that Ablebits provides. I use Excel daily, which means I use Ablebits every time. What a time saver! They frequently keep the software up to date with new and improved features. So, I don’t have to worry if the add-in is going to run on the latest Microsoft products. Ablebits is the best out there, bar none.

Great Product

I have used Ablebits at my previous employer. I loved it so much I was able to get my new employer to purchase it. I contacted support to help me download the correct Ablebits based on my license and they were super helpful.

Efficient, easy to use – great money saving for any company

Our company has 30,000+ SKU items of inventory in multiple warehouses, so our Inventory Control team uses Ablebits on daily basis for analysis of data extracted from our ERP system. Sales and Accounting teams also use the Ablebits for Excel to update customers’ accounts in their systems. Our company have saved and is saving many labour hours by using Ablebits – any transfer or update of databases between ERP, WMS and CRM systems is fast and easy now. Highly recommend this easy to use and powerful tool.

Igor Pakhomov,

I think your program is very useful

I think your program is very useful, and I love your Excel add-in tools' configurations of main menubar. For example, the function of traspose button was very useful for me. I felt just one click method was easier than previous many steps. I want your company develop other useful one-click add-ins for Excel users. Thanks.

Park Songho,

Allowed me to perform functions I could never do on my own

Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel has allowed me to perform functions I could never do on my own. The exciting part is I haven't even begun to really use its many capabilities.

Tina Holgate,

AbleBits has been a huge time saver

AbleBits has been a huge time saver for cleaning up client-provided lists. With just a simple click we can quickly and efficiently trim spaces, split names, standardize case, and combine related sheets. Plus it's great to know there are so many other powerful tools in the software that are available whenever we need it.

That one program has given me years of convenience

It's been years since I was desperate to be able to do additional functions in MS Excel and could not figure out how. I did an internet search - found Ablebits and that one program has given me years of convenience. I own my own business which always has been remote and using our CRM and our client's databases all depend on MS Excel to add data. I don't know what I would have done without this program. Customer Support even now is the best I have experienced. Thank you all for being there for me when other companies don't care.

Liz Kaminski,

Ablebits helped us get more efficient

Ablebits helped us get more efficient with our studies by reducing the time needed to sort out and compare spreadsheets. Highly recommend the product.

Adnan Samarji,

Using Ablebits makes those tasks easier faster to complete

There are many things that Excel can do, however, using Ablebits makes those tasks easier faster to complete. When I don't have Ablebits installed the tasks or projects take me twice as long to complete.

Stephanie Kilburn,

I LOVE this software, have used it for year

I LOVE this software, have used it for years, and have helped sell many copies to those I work with. I've even recommended it in Excel trainings and courses I've taught.

Marian Faris,

It saves me hours each week so it is worth every cent

I only use one function of the software to compare sheets and I use this EVERY day. For me, it saves me hours each week (and a few hairs haha) so it is worth every cent. The support team is responsive and courteous. I have been using it for years and upgrade as required to be compatible with the latest office versions – worth it people if you are considering it download the trial and then upgrade. Thank you for a great software!

Craig Oliver,

You only need to use it on one project to realize the time savings

This is such a handy tool. You only need to use it on one project to realize the time savings. I even contacted customer support, and yes there is someone there answering questions. they were very good at corresponding. Ablebits delivers.


Ablebits has allowed me to take my spreadsheets to new highths

Ablebits has allowed me to take my spreadsheets to new highths, making the work of my colleagues much easier. Thank you Ablebits.

Erwit Reichert,

The Ultimate Suite has saved me hours and hours of brain-draining work!

The Ultimate Suite has saved me hours and hours of brain-draining work! It is very easy and straightforward to use. Whenever I had a question, my emails were responded to promptly and with meaningful direction. Support personnel are professional and very polite. Great Product and Great Support!

Dan Gomes,

Ablebits' Ultimate Suite is an excellent choice

Ablebits' Ultimate Suite is an excellent choice with lots of very useful and time saving tools making excel work with top class results. I highly recommend this top performer that also comes with excellent customer service thanks.

Robert Colin,

I was looking for the best suite for my work to be done

As My Background in MIS and Marketing, I worked for Grameenphone(Telenor Bangladesh) as an Intern. My everyday task was to deal with a large range of handset/smartphone data. Meanwhile it was hard to use the lookup for every single item. To save my time and report generation, I was looking for the best suite for my work to be done. Then I started using AbleBits since 2017 and also recommend my fellow team members to use it or have a try then you get attached to it. Hope new features and innovative ideas can solve the problems of our businesses.

S M Ishtiaque,

AbleBits is a dream come true for data analysis and reporting in Excel

AbleBits is a dream come true for data analysis and reporting in Excel. There are functions available that make it as easy as 1-click to execute. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more remarkable functionality in AbleBits.

Pramodh Munbodh,

I love your product

Working well. You are always prompt and helpful. I love your product, especially the duplicate remover and Merge duplicate modules.

Barry Beiles,

There is not a single day that I don’t use your application

Thanks to you and your team for the great product and helping me. Tell your team I really love them all. You guys are great. There is not a single day that I don't use your application. And it helps me a lot.

Muhammad Imran,

I can't tell you how happy I am with Ablebits

I can't tell you how happy I am with Ablebits and the time it has saved me over the years. I started using Ablebits with my previous employer, probably 15 years ago and I constantly recommend your products to coworkers. You truly have top-notch customer service. Keep up the great work!

Jeff Meyer,

I purchased Ablebits in July 2020 with…

I purchased Ablebits in July 2020 with a lifetime license. It worked fantastically well for me, complicated formulas that I thought only advanced excel users could access were made available to me in simple to use tools through ablebits. Only disappointment was after the recent Microsoft update in late June 2021, it seemed to render my ablebits unresponsive. What followed was literally hours of remote desktop developer support from Ablebits in their efforts to fix the problem. Unfortunately it was to no avail and they couldn't work out what was wrong with my computer and version. They provided me a full refund even though I had gotten almost a year's use of the tools. To me that's a company that does everything they can, and if its not enough, they are prepared to bear the cost for it. That's a great company and dedicated customer support. I've knocked a star off because I wish I could still be using it!

Turns everyone into a professional Excel user

Used free version so far, it's a massive time saver. Excel can be used professionally by anyone with these tools.

Use it everyday in Excel

Use it everyday in Excel, saves my time and nerves.

Ablebits has saved me countless hours

Ablebits has saved me countless hours and unmeasurable frustration over the years -- and I just found yet another fime saver!

Fantastic program

The Ablebits Data Merge Tables add- on is a fantastic program. It facilitates my projects for sure saving numerous hours of drudgery not to mention reducing the chance of error in manually importing data. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to pull data from one Excel file to another. It's worth every penny! I love it.

Dr. Douglas Boyd Ph.D.,

Anyone who works with Excel is sure to find their work made easier by Ablebits

I have been using Ablebits' Ultimate Suite for almost a year now, and have found it invaluable for my research projects, which can involve tens of thousands of lines of data. I particularly like the ability to merge tables simply and quickly based upon one or more attributes, the ability to transpose columns and rows, and the ability to rapidly transform blocks of data according to a suite of well-chosen options with the Cell Cleaner utility. In addition, Ablebits' support is consistently fast and courteous. Anyone who has complex tasks to perform in Excel is sure to find their work made easier by Ablebits.

Jackie Lee,

Incredible product, even better tech support…AbleBits totally delivers!

I use AbleBits a minimum of 3x/day in my work, and find new uses every month. When I change jobs, one of the first things I do is get my new employer to cough up the very reasonable cost of this invaluable software, and I've paid for it myself more than once. It saves time and frustration again and again, but more than that, there are things I literally cannot accomplish any other way in large datasets. My coworkers think I'm a wizard. Actually, I'm just a religious user of AbleBits. AbleBits support is the absolute best. Ask and you shall receive…prompt, spot-on answers to a ridiculously wide variety of complex challenges. I've never had the software fail, but left to my own devices I can fail to use it properly. I bought AbleBits for the software, but I've become a repeat, multi-year customer because of the outstanding customer support.

Deborah Bryant,

I have enjoyed every bit of it and time am using it

I got this add-in and its doing a great job for me. i have enjoyed every bit of it and time am using it. Great one from AbleBits… I recommend this for any data management and excel users.

Christian Onyekachi Nwosu,

Great software!

Great software! It's making my life so much easier already!

David Crawford,

Love the products!

Love the products! They have saved me thousands of hours and they are responsible for me getting a promotion at my last job, which helped me land my current position as a manager.

David Johnston,

I can't tell you how much we love Merge Tables Wizard here

I can't tell you how much we love Merge Tables Wizard here. It has revolutionized the way some of our staff do their jobs - replacing literally hours of manual work with a few quick button clicks. Love it.

Jason D Polete,

Your products and customer service are FANTASTIC!

Your products and customer service are FANTASTIC! I have been spreading the word and others have also discovered how Merge Table Wizard can increase productivity and efficiency. I have used it extensively with targeted marketing initiatives.

Joanne Brennan,

Excel is at its best now

Ever since I found your add ons, it has been a life saver or should I say a major time saver. I have bought two packages for both work computers. Excel is at its best now because of you. Thank you!

Annie C.,

I absolutely LOVE your program.

I absolutely LOVE your program. I use Duplicate Remover and Trim Spaces on an hourly basis. I export reports from a software program we use and AbleBits has taken the frustration out of cleaning up the mess that they give me. I recommended you to our IT Company to let their clients know about it and if I find out someone uses Excel I tell them that your program is a definite "must have". Thank you so much, you have shaved countless hours off of my workload.

Jeannie C.,

Your software really helps make my job easier

Your software really helps make my job easier. I don't know what I would do without Duplicate Remover, I use it several times a day for every project I work on. Thanks for making my life easier.

Jeannie C.,

It's the best $100 we've ever spent!

I talked my supervisor into getting Ultimate Suite a few months ago for use here at work. I often have to deal with 2000 - 3000 row spreadsheets with 30 - 200 fields and matching between versions has always been a nightmare. He asked me how it was going the other day, in reference to the new spreadsheet tools. I said: "It's the best $100 we've ever spent!" - and I meant it. Undoubtedly has saved me hours of work time. So, one big "Thanks!"

Mike Cavanagh,


Awesome!!! I love the tools and have been using the compare one everyday since I downloaded it.

Sheila Blanchard,

The best spent money on software I've ever spent!

I just have to tell you that I love your AbleBits Collection. I can't tell you how much time the collection has saved me…particularly the Merge Tables Wizard, Duplicate Removers, Merge Cell Wizard, and Split Names. This was the best spent money on software I've ever spent!

Patrick Raugh,

Anybody who experiences it, is bound to love it!

Anybody who experiences it, is bound to love it! Excel is a great concept from Microsoft but Excel's prowess cannot be realised by the average user. There are only 2 ways to "exploit" Excel's potential and save time at the same time: either be an Excel geek or embrace Able-bits Ultimate Suite for Excel. This add-in from Ablebits is a real productivity suite - why waste time on routines that can happen with the click of a mouse? I recommend Able-bits Ultimate Suite for Excel for all those who want to make use of Excel's capabilities but do not want to waste time and energy.

Kumar Nepa

Ablebits turns a 20-minute ordeal into a simple 20-second task in Excel

We use Ablebits to process our Excel data for our website www.SaveTheVets.com. It turns what Microsoft makes a 20 MINUTE ordeal into a simple 20 SECOND task. What we like most about Ablebits is the way they have converted the cranky formulas Microsoft forces you to use to crunch your spreadsheet data into simple buttons. If you need to trim spaces, click on the button. If you need to merge columns, click on the button; and so on. Ablebits gives you a 30 day free trial of the full version. It's worth installing.

Save The Vets

Your program saved me so much time and headaches, I cannot tell you!

Your Duplicate remover program for Excel has saved me so much time and headaches, I cannot tell you! I love it! It literally just saved me days of grueling & painstaking deletion of dupes and that was for just one project. I can only imagine what it will save me in the long run. Oh, and thank you as well for the ability to install this on up to 3 computers with one activation, I can now enjoy the same capabilities whether I am working from home or the office. Thanks.

Hunter Fitzgerald

I don't know how to thank you enough for your Excel add-ins

I don't know how to thank you enough for your Excel add-ins. I stumbled upon your website while trying to figure out how to merge two tables. When I saw your software had a free trial, I thought yeah right, how well is this going to work? I downloaded it and am AMAZED. It does just exactly what I need and I don't know how I lived without it. I have also referred your software to my friends. THANK YOU for making my life just a little easier.

Jennifer Morningstar

Thanks for a terrific product that is worth every single cent!

I just have to tell you that the Duplicate Remover is the best tool I could ever have. I spend all day in Excel and Access and this tool has increased my efficiency 100% - ok well maybe 50%. But I honestly do not know how anyone who has to constantly run pivots, graphs, data exports yadda yadda yadda all day could ever go back to living without this tool once they have used it. Thanks for a terrific product that is worth every single cent!

Dianne Young

I think this is truly a great product

I think Workook Manager for Excel is truly a great product. For many months, I have been building a large Excel workbook and it was getting harder and harder to navigate. I searched for a solution and came across your product. It is already making my life easier. Thank you.

Scott Murchison, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The best software plug-in I have ever used

Duplicate Remover for Excel is the best software plug-in I have ever used. It has saved me days of work, quicker and easier than using the Count IF function. I will recommend this product to my clients without reservation. Your staff are a talented bunch and very helpful.

A professional at work

Thank you so much for organising the teamviewer session. Your company's customer support is a credit to the organisation. Masha managed to get the add-in installed in a few minutes. It was interesting to watch a professional at work!

Susanne Brehmer

This little ditty saved me hours!

I put it to use immediately and it is AWESOME! This little ditty saved me hours comparing the 2 worksheets that both had over 2,000 lines. I was able to find any that didn't match in about 2 seconds!

Sue Covington

One word… WOW!

One word… WOW! I recently bought the package of add-ins for Excel. I've used it ONCE and it has paid for itself. It literally saved me HOURS of work. KUDOS!

Dave Brown

You have saved me a huge amount of time

I just wanted to say well done for developing such a fantastic program and you have saved me a huge amount of time. Oh and it worked perfectly :) Many Thanks


Thank you for the great product

Thank you for the great product, it truly opened whole new possibilities for me in combining and analysing data from different sources.

Laisan Shafikova

It does exactly what you say it should do

Thank you so much for making this add-in for Excel. It does exactly what you say it should do, on my 10,250 item database. Awesome!

Nannette DiMascio, Broker / Associate, Realty One Group


I'm happy there is a company (Ablebits) where support really can solve customer's problem! Great job!


Ablebits is a fantastic product - easy to use and so efficient.

Ablebits is a fantastic product that I also brag about, because it is easy to use and so efficient.

Debra Celmer

I wish Microsoft would just license your software and build it into Excel.

I wish Microsoft would just license your software and build it into Excel. You guys are great!

Pete Liappis, CTO, Creative Agency Services Team, Inc.

I love your product

I love your product. It really saves me a lot of time and makes my job much easier.

Brad Gibson

Shared Email Templates for Outlook reviews

Email Templates

This is the most useful tool for me and the amount of time it saves is unbelievable. I can't believe I went so long without - retyping the same responses dozens of times a day! Ekaterina is so helpful to our team! UPDATE: My templates started to give me trouble (I believe it was my computer rather than the templates). I reached out to Ekaterina and she fixed the issue for me within minutes - it was something wrong with my computer, and she was still able to fix it and get me back up and running! I am incredibly thankful to have her as a support system and she is an amazing asset to Microsoft.

Happy testing

This is a feature that is becoming more and more requested and so far with our testing we have been happy with the services. Easy to use, easy to manage, saves a lot of time.

A great product withe excellent support

A great product which is saving us hours of work each week when sending emails. And the support is excellent. I only have good things to say and can really recommend it.

Game changer for our business

We finally have an easy to use, shared email template module that can be used across our organisation instead of using old style draft templates in Outlook. My staff are very pleased. Extremely happy and highly recommended.

This does the job extremely well!

Been looking for a way to share Outlook templates across my team for quite literally years. This does the job extremely well; easy to set up and use and the macro functionality is excellent

Excellent Add-on!

My company needed a template system for responding to online orders in a consistent and efficient way. We searched around and finally found this product. It is exactly what we needed. It is highly customizable, looks great, has excellent integration with Outlook and my employees love it! It is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to manage. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has a need for consistent and professional communication with email.

Wonderful add-in for Outlook!

Ablebits has been amazing for our organization! It saves us A LOT of time to streamline e-mails for all staff! We highly recommend it! Lots of cool features and not too expensive.

Migration from Old Version to Shared Cloud Platform

Ekaterina was super helpful in our company making this migration from a grandfathered-in version of Ablebits to the cloud platform. We are still trialing the functionality, but so far it is seemingly better than the original!

A wonderful App for Outlook

The versatility and lower costs makes this one of the best email design apps on this app market. Also customer service was superb, Darya Markelova helped me understand this application all the way for help with optimizing our mailing lists for https://planstin.com and https://zionhealth.com . Thank you!

Essential !

We are so happy with this application that saves us so much time and gives consistency in our corporate communication. A truly indispensable application!

Such a handy little tool

We discovered Shared Email Templates whilst looking for solutions to make the customer service teams role more efficient. It is great to be able to design email templates that all of the team can view and use live and not have to worry about wrong versions being used.


This is an amazing template add in! This tool makes our office so much more organized and productive, and we are able to answer every client a timely manner. I highly recommend this add on!

Shared Email Templates User for 3+ years

This is the best template add-in that I have used. It is above the rest. This add-in has helped my team and I tremendously making our jobs MUCH MORE enjoyable. I cannot say enough good things about the add-in and customer service support. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs more automation and organization.

Works like a charm. Surprising how they've thought of everything

The built in Outlook template app is too limiting. Have tried two other utils plus used clipboard savers to do the same thing.

Great customizable email templates, right in Outlook

The ability to set up email templates for regular recurring message going out to clients saves a ton of time, and importantly it keeps the look and feel consistent.

Brilliant for large teams

Really helpful for large teams to create consistency of replies

Fantastic Product with Outstanding Service

This saves me so much time. I use this for various Sales Proposals to clients where there is a lot of detail and attachments. The software allows you to attach the body of text you need AND any PDF's you want to send out. Timesaver! At renewal stage the service was again excellent - throughougly recommend

Great customer support

I have been using email adds in from Ablebits for 5 years. They made this one even better with all the cloud features. Darya Markelova from support was very helpful. They response very quickly to tickets.

Shared Email Templates Support

Very prompt response to my query. Quick and easy resolution. Very happy with the service provided.

Superb time saving utility

Microsoft should purchase this group and integrate it into standard Outlook - its that good. Recommended for customer handling, flexible, useful and really saves us loads of time and mistakes!

Perfect for on the go work!

I love being able to have all my templates handy whether I am working in my home office or out and about!

Easy to use and share with my team

My organisation has heaps of standardized letters and it had been super difficult to update them with every team member. Now, with a shared template system, we can update it once and ensure everyone is using the correct letter with the most recent updates. The support team for this app were great to deal with when I had a subscription issue. Replied to my query the next business day and had the exact solution ready to go. 5/5.

Great email enhancement for teams

We looked for a long time for a solution which would help our team consolidate answers to frequently asked questions and template language. This product works well, is easy to edit and the customer service is highly responsive. We have used this now for almost two years and remain satisfied.

Love this app

We were trying to figure out how we could create more consistency in our communication to our managers. It always seemed that our emails were off by a few words. One would get updated and not everyone had the updated email. With Shared Email Templates, we don't have to worry about that anymore. All of our communication is consistent and changes are made efficiently. We are so glad that we found this. Thank you!

The best and most useful add in available with good Customer Service

For a whole year I was moving between CRM's that offer template messages and other services but non of them were of use. I needed something that I can use from a sentence base, and to have it as a seamless experience with my outlook. This app is SOOOO on spot and SOOO helpful it is literally unbelievable. Click on the side bar and choose the email/paragraph/or sentence you want to put into the email. Incredible. I have my whole team working with these templates and productivity skyrocketed. I also had a small bug in the messaging, I sent a contact request explaining it, and it got solved within the hour. I want to personally thank the developers and CS for such a great experience.

So far so good!

We have just deployed this to our team and so far so good. I suspect it is going to save us a lot of time - especially as updates to our standard email templates can be deployed automatically without individual team members updating their per-user Outlook quick parts or templates. Win win!

The makes working with my team SO easy! And they have AWESOME support.

Shared email templates has saved me countless hours of having to update templates for each team member individually. It's a low-cost way to have professional templates in a central place where you only have to edit once and it updates for all team members. You can even paste HTML and it maintains the formatting. I ran into a couple of support issues and their support team was amazing. I used the chat available on the main Ablebits website and got a response right away with confirmation that my issue would be forwarded to the developers and then they replied by email so I didn't have to keep the chat window open. Also with my last support issue the CEO actually responded to me himself and helped me resolve the issue. This is definitely worth the small cost.

Very useful for me…

It has worked very well for me, I am still trying to understand it well to get the most out of it.

Simple and it works

I craft emails for multiple Execs every day - This is a lifesaver and it works every time.

Easy to work in outlook with all features possible like word

Support was very quick and so useful. They gave tips how or what to do. For me it was really easy to copy paste from a standard word document into this templates with no errors. High quality !!

Very flexible application

Works perfect!